Konica Pop: RED

It’s fits in your pocket, it’s a nice red color and it produces really neat photos. Great for street photography or just for a day out with friends. Never go un-noticed when you are carrying this beauty.

Konica POP

Today I am reviewing an old point and shoot camera I have had for sometime ‘The Konica Pop’. This is a simple point and shoot 35-mm camera manufactured from 1982 to 1985. It is an iconic piece of machine really famous in its time. With manual film advance  lever, a fixed shutter speed (1/125th), a fixed focus (36-mm)  and the  ISO ranging between 100,200 and 400. This camera is one of a kind.

front view of the camera

The front face of the camera has a fixed focus Hexanon 36mm  lens and a slider button to activate the flash .

It has an in-built flash which pop’s up, hence the name ‘POP’. The camera itself doesn’t require any battery, but to operate the flash you need a pair of AA battery.

underside view of the camera

The battery compartment is on the right along with a tripod mount on the left and the rewind lever in the middle at the underside of the body.(refer above image) This is one of those few cameras that has its rewind lever at the bottom and the mechanics to how it opens is really cool too.

The back has the viewfinder and a low light warning LED along with the flash charge indicator. You can open the back by sliding a small button at the left of the camera and insert your film there.


The film advance knob and the shutter button is located at the top of the camera. There is also a small analog film count meter just next to the shutter button.


I used one ‘Kodak 200 color plus’ film roll with this camera and it gave me some really good photos. There was a kind of bluish tint on most of the photographs, especially the ones taken outside. I misjudged most of the portraits and took them too close to the subject thus my subjects became out of focus. I took some low light photos using the flash and those came out pretty well too.

Below are few photos taken with this camera. You can see the bluish tint on few of these photos, it came especially if I took the pictures on a bright sunny day. I will be loading this beauty with another film roll  soon and this time I hope to get much better results.

So this was the Konica POP, I am still on the hunt for more of these beauties as I want to collect it in all the colours that were available. If any of you have found the camera in ebay or from some pawn shop and are wondering if you should buy it, then just do it. It will be worth no matter which color you find it in. Overall it’s a wonderful film camera, makes a very good prop for your pictures or just a very good decorative item in your room. If you are an amateur camera collector like me, then you’ve got to have this in your collection.


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