Light painting.

Hi all, another Sunday and I’m back with a new post. Last week I tried some long-exposure photography and did some light painting. I have always been a big fan of long exposure. I just love how the camera captures every bit of light,and how we can manipulate and play with it. So this time i wanted to try making the ‘orb painting’. I had a faint idea how to do it, but had never tried it out.

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SO this is what I came up with. My first try and I’m pretty glad with the results. Now in this post I won’t be doing any tutorials. Let me get better with in this technique and I shall write one. But over all I had  a lot of fun making this. After few tries I got my creative juices flowing again and I tried something different. I wanted to paint myself, doing this was more fun as I was so unaware of the results.

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Then this gave me a new idea, and I decided to push it a little further. I clicked around 10 pictures and tried posing differently for each one, to create some movement to the painting. What I got out of it is just too awesome, and this only makes me want to do more. Below is the video I made using this technique.


So I hoped you guys enjoyed this post. Do ask me any questions if you have any. Will do a tutorial on this soon. Till then have fun and happy blogging.


I use a canon 6d and 50mm along with an aperture of f.6 ,an iso of 100 and 30secs long exposure.


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