Joseph ‘JOJO’ Gustavo

Hi everyone, I am back with a new post. Recently I had done one shoot where I had hired a canon 16-35mm f2.8 lens. My god this lens is the best, especially for these wide angle shots. The f2.8 keeps the depth of field just right and lets plenty of light inside the camera.

Anyways right before returning the lens, I took some time out to take photos of my lovely dog ‘Jojo’. The photos i got from this lens are all marvelous. I had recently bought a big bone for him, and in these photos you can see how much he enjoy’s it.



Hope you guys liked the pictures. The header of this post is his full name though we just call him ‘Jojo’. He is an Indian shepherd (a mix of an Indian street dog with a German shepherd). I rescued him last year (june 2016) and have been the happiest human ever. I will soon do a before and after photos of him…cause he has come a long way from the time I first found him. Anyways I’ll end my post here, give it a thumps up if u liked the photos and do subscribe for more updates. Until then happy blogging, cheers.


All pictures clicked with a canon 6d camera and a canon 16-35mm 2.8 lens.


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