Photos from the Pinhole lens

Hi everyone, the lens I made worked, but I still have to get the hang of it. After the tutorial lot of people asked me how the pictures came out from this lens. Even I haven’t got much time to experiment but here are some pictures i clicked using my canon 500d camera. These pictures haven’t been photoshopped or filtered in any way. Like I mentioned in my tutorial that you cannot expect sharp and clear photographs with this lens and what i got after i clicked few pictures were exactly what i expected, so I for one am glad with it.


The pictures it produced are almost like the pictures you get from a Lomokino.

Few things to note:

  1. since the pin hole is the only source of light into the camera, it’s like having a closed aperture, like less than f22. So your ISO has to be high.
  2. click pictures either in sunlight or using a flash.
  3. there is no way to focus your pictures , so what you click is what you get.
  4. have fun with the lens.

I will click more photos with the lens and learn more about it and keep on updating. Also because of this lens I realized that my sensor has got really dirty, so good things do come out from this lens. happy shooting and cheers.


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