Body Cap Pin-Hole lens

Hi, as promised I am back again with a new post. Today I tried my hand at making a pinhole lens using a camera body cap. If you want  a cheap DIY lens for your camera, then this is the way to go. Most of the things I used to make this was lying around in my house, excepting the body cap itself. But still roughly this lens won’t cost more that Rs100 (1.5$). So let’s begin.

Things needed-

  1. camera body cap
  2. tin foil
  3. black cellotape
  4. nail and pin
  5. scissor
  6. cutter




Once you have all the things, start by punching a hole right at the center of the body cap. I used a hammer and a nail to make the hole in mine, and luckily I had a ‘o’ written right at the center. This is the most difficult part as you have to be very careful as to not break the body cap.


Once that hole is done, get the tin foil (tin foil can be made from any soda can, use your cutter and scissor to cut the tin in shape). Use the pin to make a small hole right at the center of the tin foil.This hole will be our lens, as the name suggest ‘pinhole lens’.


After that is done, flip over the tin foil and cover it with a black cello-tape (the tape has to be black here). Cover every part of the tin except the hole at the center.


After this place the tin foil into the body cap, properly aligning it with the bigger hole at the outside of the cap. The taped portion has to be facing you, like in the figure below.


Then tape the tine foil to the body cap.


And you are done. Your body cap pinhole lens is made. Making this takes less than half an hour and cost less than rs100. After this put your cap on the body and start clicking your photos.


Few things to note after you make this lens.

  1. Don’t expect really good focus or sharpness in your pictures, if you are looking for these things, then this lens is not for you. If you want out of focus vintage looking shots, then it’s for you.
  2. Use it with plenty of natural lights as the images will be dark otherwise.
  3. If it’s an option use a tripod, especially in low light.
  4. Lastly have a lot of fun with it and experiment as much as you can.



So this is how i spent my Saturday today, I have also made a short stopmotion tutorial video for this, which i will upload soon. Will click some amazing picture with this lens and update soon. Till then happy blogging and cheers.


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