Saturday finds


So yesterday turned out to be a pretty wonderful day for me. I had an old  PS2 lying around in my house taking space, so I decided that I would either repair it or sell it. I  couldn’t repair it as it was beyond repair but I still got a good price for it. Now the wonderful part, I’d been talking to one guy in and he was selling his original Lomo Cmeha 35 for a throwaway price. Naturally i met him and got the camera for Rs500, the camera seemed to be in mint condition and everything looked perfect. The manual was in Russian so i couldn’t go through it but managed to learn the shutter speed and the aperture control of the camera. So this was the first part, now i began to search for films for the camera. In India it’s pretty difficult to find 35mm reels and especially a good one in good price. Finally i found this one shop who had some expired Fujifilm Fujichrome Velvia F 100 and also one piece of Kodak Infrared EIR 100, I was excited to see those but kept my cool. I bargained the price with the shopkeeper and for Rs1000 i bought all five of them. Instantly i loaded one of the Fujichrome into my Lomo Cmeha 35 and started clicking. I think the first few shots might have been wasted as I learnt about the shutter speed only when I was home, but none the less can’t wait to finish the roll and share it here. SO this was my story of my Saturday finds, it was really productive for me. I just can’t wait to click with these cams and reels.Will do one review of this camera soon after I use it for someday.  So until next time keep clicking pictures and happy blogging, cheers.



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