Nikon FM10




There is a nice story behind how i got this camera, I had been hunting for this camera for a long long time all over the internet. Finally i found one being sold for a price under my budget but i was still bargaining. The final price came up to rs 1300 which was alright for me. Then on the day when I was meeting this guy all I was praying for was that the camera be in good condition. As soon as i met him i began to  inspect the camera. The camera looked fine, no dents, nothing broken and even the viewfinder was very clean. I removed the lens from the body and checked that too, everything was perfect. Now all i had to do was see if the shutter mechanism is working. I started turning the shutter speed dial and wanted to check the different speed of the shutter, but as i tried this the shutter button just didn’t click. I tried doing this for sometime but the shutter just didn’t work, I had a similar experience when i was buying a Yashica FX-1, so now  I started getting a bit disappointed. I handed the camera back to him and told him what the problem was…even he tried fixing it but it just didn’t work. He concluded that the camera was not working and even he knew nothing about it, and told me that he would reduce the asking price if i still wanted to buy it. I did want to buy it but i already had too many non working SLR’s. So I bargained the price to as low as  Rs500 (thinking i can use the lens) and he agreed. I bought the camera, got it home but i was really disappointed. I did not try fixing it or even explored the camera, I put it away in the corner. Then later that night I downloaded the manual for the camera and as I was reading it I found out that the shutter of this camera wasn’t broken or anything,  it was just wait for it ‘locked’. Yes the camera had a shutter lock function and the previous owner had no idea about it…nor did I and this lack of knowledge got me a better deal, not so much for him. So this is my story of how i got myself this super analogue  Nikon FM-10. In this write up I was planning to do a review of the camera but I recently put a revelog lazer in it so will be doing the camera review with that reel. Below are few pictures i took with this camera along with a revelog tesla 35mm reel.












Hope you enjoyed the photos here,I’m still working on my scanning process so hopfully better quality pictures in the future.cheers!


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