Bossini waterproof 35mm film camera.


Hello all!

Alright, so before I begin I would like to say to those getting excited to see underwater pictures – I am sorry! It didn’t happen this time, but I promise, the next film roll will have nothing but underwater shots!

In other news 😀, after a long search I finally got my hands on this sweet piece of work – a Bossini 35mm analog film camera. The best part about it is that it came with a waterproof/dustproof housing which allows me to click pictures in the rain, in dusty places and even underwater till 3m (sad that I did none of those this time..sorry again!). I’m not quite sure about the Marvel aspect of it…I mean, I’m not sure if it really is a genuine Marvel merchandise but it said so on the pack! Well, original or replica, It looks great either way.

This is a reloadable toy camera. The whole look and the feel of it is toylike: very light and easy to carry around, especially without the housing. It has a lense of 28mm with a fixed aperture of f9 and shutter speed of 1/125. It doesn’t have flash facility so basically it’s just a day time camera, perfect to shoot when the sun is out. It doesn’t make any sound so is good as a secondary camera in the bag for street photography, although it’s colourful look might attract a lot of attention!

Bottom line, I really enjoyed the roll of film I used. This camera is more of an outdoorsy type, something you can take on a picnic or a walk in the park, really fun and very easy to shoot.


This is the front face of the camera,really like the marvel comic covers.

IMG_9307                 IMG_9308

This is the weatherproof housing,it comes with a strap and the camera fits perfectly.


While using the housing always be sure that there’s no leak,the best way to do that is to seal the housing and put it inside the water without the camera in it.If there are bubbles means that the housing has a leak,which means no underwater shots.

IMG_9312                 IMG_9313

IMG_9310The top part has the film count,the clicker and the film rewind knob.

Ok so here we are to the pictures,I’m sorry for the quality I’m still learning to digitize my films. These are photo prints scanned in a normal P.C scanner
Ahh! metro construction in Delhi..stayed tuned as I’m doing a post on some funky metro signs soon.

Scan0006 (3)


Scan0007 (3)                                     Scan0007

Scan0010 (2)

Scan0010 (3)

Scan0011 (2)


I tried a double exposer shot with this camera as well I had no idea what the results would be,but hey it turned out pretty okay.


So I hope everyone enjoyed the post,do leave your comments below and like the picture above says…’be happy’.


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