Portraits with kids

Hello! another late post by your’s truly. How’s everyone been??So here are few photos I had taken during my stay in Gopalapur. The day we left from there we were invited to a wedding that was taking place in the school auditorium itself.(ok we kind of crashed the party).We couldn’t stay long enough to see the bride and groom but we sure did enjoy the delicious wedding food. Also  I got some time to get these lovely kids to pose for me.Everyone one was looking super cute and were super excited to have their photos taken too.So here are few good shots I managed to pluck out


That sweet innocence in her eyes,


Same way reflects on her innocent smile.


She told me she plays with him every  day and wanted to get a picture taken with him.



I asked him if he knew what “kush” is, first he said ‘I don’t know’ and then,


he said smoke of some kind and smiled.


The cutest from the lot,she was very shy but opened up very quickly.


When I told her to pose,she did this this…so cute.


These kids knew how to pose.


Those two mischievous brothers.


And lastly the man who was taking care and baby sitting them all.

Ok so this is it for now,hope you liked these picture.Been really busy these days,just shifted apartment but I promise will do more post this month.I have few really interesting blog post lined up,so stay tuned. Until then stay happy and keep clicking.


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