Camman 135 Camera-part:1

Hello people, this is a two-part post which will contain lots of photographs. I’ve sorted out the post into day time photos and flash photos. This is the day time photos, the first part of my elaborate post. Before we get to the pictures, let me write a small review on the camera I used – Camman 135 camera
I bought this camera from an old guy who sold it to me for Rs500 along with a flash,so it was a good deal for me. Before buying the camera I had done some research on it and found out that this camera is one of those DIY cameras which basically gives us the pleasure of assembling our own camera. I was very excited to get it, but when I did, it looked a bit different than in the pictures I had seen of it. No major differences, just a bit here and there. It was already assembled and I later found out that it only looks like the DIY version but sadly it is not! So basically this camera is one of those items which is finely crafted in India and sold under this name. But I was still a happy man. I couldn’t wait to click photos with this one-of-a-kind point and shoot camera.


Front face of the camera gives out all the difference between the original DIY version and this Indian remake version.


At the back there is just a small viewfinder and the film rewind spool.



Left:This camera also has a flash mount,the red button is the shutter button and on the left is the film rewind lever.

Right:insides of the camera is nothing but the place for the film to go in.

Here are few photos taken in the day time


I feel this is a very good photo from the lot,personally this is my best.



been quite sometime since i used one of these


Delhi street food.

sevenDeception point


Scan0006 (3)

Oh how much I love clicking houses


Tree in the big city.


She here is my teacher,and also my boss rite now.


Just another day in the warm winter sun.


book side road or road side books



the graffiti on the wall says it allScan0014

And here’s me, my friend insisted that he take one photo too.

Based on these photos, I’m pretty satisfied with the camera. It is very easy to carry around and to control. Loading unloading is very easy and in fact, we can even do multiple exposure shots using a small hack in this camera. I didn’t get into that so much with this roll, but with my next film I plan to experiment with the multiple exposure trick and show you guys how it comes out. Here is one such multiple exposure from this lot.


Hope you enjoyed this post and do check out the part two of this post.I won’t write so much in that it’s just photos I promise.

All the photos clicked by Pravesh Hingmang(except the ones mentioned)

The camera has a shutter speed of 1/125 and an aperture of 9

Film used was Kodak 100


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  1. I really like the photographs a lot!

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