Zenith TTl

Finally the photos from my Zenith TTL are here,it took almost more than 3 months for me to pick these prints up.Clicking with the TTL is really great,the whole mechanics of the camera gives it a really vintage feel.What I especially like about my TTL are these light leaks that it gives out,they never fail to surprise me.I still haven’t mastered the conversion from film to digital so these are simple computer scanned pics,hope they are good for now and i’m open to suggestions on how to go about it.

Scan0006 (2)

I especially like this one for the light leak.


I guess this picture is the best among the lot..i really like the DoF in this picture.


Another simple picture given a vintage touch by the TTL.


An evening in JNU.


The wonderful light leaks  once again.


This is me wearing some stupid head gear and holding my agfa light meter.


And finally my friend Raza,he’s probably thinking about project X..what is project X u ask??Well only he knows.

So well this are the photos from my third try at this camera,I hope you guys liked the photos,until next time..cheers.

I used a Zenith TTL camera with helios 44 2 58mm f.2 lense and a 400 iso 35mm film.


All photos clicked by Pravesh Hingmang


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