A morning in Dharamshala

As I got a call from my good friend Anuj about a volunteer program happening in a Tibetan school (Tibetan Children Village) about teaching kids a bit of creative writing,anything to escape the Delhi heat I agreed right away. It was suppose to be a 7 days workshop so keeping an extra day in hand five volunteers,we left for Dharamshala.The  12 hours bus ride that we took had both it’s up’s and down’s and that too literally,from seats breaking to one of our friend nearly hanging himself tp the bumpy and curvy hilly road.After a night of sleeplessness and body swinging from side to side we finally reached,and oh what a lovely sight and weather.I was feeling so blessed compared to my friends who were still back in Delhi. As soon as we got down from our bus i took out my camera and started clicking away,it was about 6am in the morning,not an ideal time for me to click the pictures but still here is the first glance of Dharamshala that I ever had.










So this was the first morning there where we had an unofficial trek and all of us managed to slip and fall but only my friend Anuj managed to fall without slipping.There are a lot of pictures and stories  to be shared and I know I haven;t been updating so much lately but here’s finally getting these pictures out at the least. Anyways thanks for reading and happy blogging.


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