The Sun

I have always had my share of fascination with the sun,and it was more than a mere star out there in shinning with all its glory.
I come from a small state,very beautiful and awesome weather.We have ample of forest and rivers and mountains everything that one would need to have a nature eyegasm.
when I was in my transaction phase from a kid to teenager,me and my group of friends did all sort of mischief and had our share of fun with integral part of our day to day activity and definition of having fun was,running off to the river side and swim all day.But our parents and elders we concerned about us going to the river as a lot of accidents that I have grown up I understand that concern they had but back then we didn’t.Anyways why this back story came about is because any day the sun was out and we knew for sure what it’s going to be like ,the rest of the day we would run downhill and enjoy the sun at the river side.
the ‘sun'(ghaam) was even our secret code which meant the ‘river’.So the situation would be like.
‘it’s such a sunny day today,maybe we should visit the sun’
hahah sounds so stupid now,
Anyways here are few pics I took with my girl friend’s camera,Nikon 5100 dslr.
for this pics I used a AF-S NIKKOR 18-55 lense.
the pictures are taken from the terrace of my apartment building,on 15th august.(in delhi)
I edited the contrast and the gamma brightness of the picture.
this is my first proper sunset photo with good editing.
a combination of nature with city.
sun set
hidden away
reaching out
sunset far
going away
shine on me

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