Camera Review-Fujifilm Instax Wide 210

Taking photographs has always been of a great interest to me,more than the photos itself,I have always loved the make of a camera,how they looked and also the different types that were out there.when I was a kid all we had was a Yashica point and shoot 35mm film roll camera but at that time even that camera was the bomb.
Most of my family pictures were taken on that camera and im just so glad that i still have that camera.
however with the coming of the digital cameras,thought it brought in its own advantages,it almost made the film camera go out of existence.No more people running off to a photo lab to get their film roll developed and no more of that anticipation of waiting for a photograph to be printed and enjoyed in an album.With the coming of the digital age in photographs,people could just view their pictures as soon as they took it and take numerous  amount just to get that right picture.No more did we have to worry about our film rolls getting over,nor about the pictures not capturing the right photographs made everything possible.
Now it is a boon  that we have digital cameras that can store unlimited amount of pictures which are easy to share and store.but at the same time its really cool that the art of printed photos is not lost completely.and the best among them are instant photographs.What comes to one’s mind when they think of instant photographs?it is Polaroid instant cameras..starting from its fancy,bulky,robotic cameras to its,really cool paper photos,we’ve all had our fascination with Polaroid.
Growing up in India,i had never used or matter of fact seen a Polaroid instant camera,i had heard of it,seen it a couple of times on the TV,but had no idea how it worked or things related to it.ever since i was a kid i used to have this feeling that one day I would own an instant camera and take a lot of pictures with it.but unfortunately for me..or for that matter anyone, polaroid decided to discontinue with it’s instant cameras and the even the film for it.with the market more focused on digital photos and cameras they went a different direction and left all the camera owners and potential buyers high and dry.
so by the time i came to delhi and knew quite a bit about taking photos and cameras i discovered that instant cameras are no more..i tried looking for them everywhere from pawn shops,to online store,ebay..everything but could find none.and the worst was when i found out that even if i get a camera by any luck,i would definitely not get any films for it.
But all this nightmare was getting over as fujifilm was coming up with new line up of instant cameras,which would be available at affordable prices.SO in this light
 my new post today i am reviewing the fujifilm instax 210 along with detailed pictures and few picture samples.
this is also kind of my first review so it might not be  a traditional review.


So the pack comes with a camera,a pouch for the camera,four aa batteries and one extra focus lense for self potrait,since its the age of selfies i guess.

DSC_0325                                   DSC_0329

This is the front view of the camera..with the flash,the shutter button on the right side and the view finder on the left.

DSC_0326                                 DSC_0338

The back side comes with a view finder on the left,the back pops open for the film.

DSC_0339                                 DSC_0340

there’s not much on the inside..while installing the film all you have to do is,match the yellow marked area,just like putting in a cassette in a walkman.
The right image we can also see that fujifilm makes it very clear,only to use fujifilm instax film only..its not like any other film would work.


On the right side there is the battery cabinet,which takes in four AA batteries.sorry guys no chargeable batteries here,but they hardly drain out.i got these batteries with the pack they sent,and after using almost 6 packs of film they still got juice!!so no worries there.

DSC_0333                               DSC_0334

on the left side there is a small display which shows the number of film available,starting from 10-0,so in one film pack there are 10 photo papers which can be used.
the red button is for powering on and turning the device off.
below that is the focus adjuster,only two point of focus for this camera namely-0.9-3m and 3m-infinity.
so if you are taking close up pictures or portrait the focus should be from 0.9m -3m.
and for other landscape pictures or group photos the focus should be on 3m-infinity.

Below this button there is the exposure button which gives three option namely light,normal,and  gives in a bit more control,but doesn’t make much of a difference.

And right below that is the flash button, one thing about this camera is whether the flash option is on or off..the flash always goes off..which in some ways is better than getting a blank photo.


Lastly the top part,where all the magic happens,this is where the photo comes out from.the best part about the camera is when you take a picture and the photo pops out.


DSC_0341                             DSC_0343

and now lets talk about the film,the picture i have above is a used pack of film..used i wrote before while installing the cassette one must match the yellow sticker with the soon as u install it,the first thing that comes out is a protective black sheet,which is not a photo.

This is how the pictures come out..the above picture is of me and my band,’incidental groove’the picture was taken right before we had a show in Manipur.

Below is a group picture of me and my friends,this picture is not angled properly.getting the angles right is kind of an issue in this camera..till u set your hand on it.


Other than that its a fabulous camera,great for capturing the moment forever…even if u spoil the picture you will cherish it forever.great as a gift..which is how i got it in the first place.
In India though its a bit difficult to find the photo paper or the film for this..which in turn makes it more valued.

In this post i haven’t uploaded a lot of pictures that i took from this camera..I will be doing that on my new post to come.
hope you enjoyed my pictorial review of the camera.feel free to ask any questions if you have any.cheers.


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